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Aluminium Bronze

Aluminium nickel bronze is the highest strength standard copper based alloy. Most recommended for high stress and extreme load application.
Typically used in extreme load bushing, worm gears, oil & gas fittings, pumps and valve components, etc.

Material Specification
British standard : BS 1400 AB2
Japanese standard : JIS H5121 CAC703C ( AIBC3C )
Australian standard : C95810

Aluminium Bronze Round Bar

Grade : BS 1400 AB2
Dimension : Ø 3/4” to Ø 303mm
Size : 2ft to 4ft long

Aluminium Bronze Hollow Bar

Grade : BS 1400 AB2
Dimension : OD 3” x ID 1.1/2” to
Dimension : OD 253mm x ID 167mm
Size : 2FT to 4ft long