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Aluminium has a high strength to weight ratio and it is used advantageously in applications where high strength and low weight are required. It has an oxide layer which makes it corrosion resistant and on top of that, it is an excellent conductor and reflector of both heat and electricity. Aluminium is also non-toxic, does not release any odours or taint products with which it is in contact, and is highly recyclable. Aluminium is most commonly used in large power transmission lines, packaging sensitive products, light fittings, architectural insulation etc.

Material Specification

Aluminium Round Bar

Grade : 6061-T6
Dimension : Ø 1/4” to Ø 16”
Size : 8ft to 6m long

Aluminium Square Bar

Grade : 6061-T6
Dimension : 3/8” Sq to 6” Sq
Size : 8ft to 16ft long

Aluminium Flat Bar

Grade : 6061-T6
Dimension : 1/8” x 1/2” to 2” x 4”
Size : 12ft to 16ft long

Aluminium Sheet

Grade : 6061-T651
Dimension : 3mm Thk to 4” Thk
Size : Cut to your specifications